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St. Tropez

 Spray Tan

A full list of St. Tropez Spray Tanning treatments and prices shown below. Please contact us directly to make a reservation at Re:Treat Medi Spa, London on (+44) 020 8788 5619.

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Spray Tanning

St. Tropez Ultimate Air is the brand new in-salon tanning system from St. Tropez. Your body is sprayed with a fine mist, which leaves instant colour and develops over 24 hours.

Please note: exfoliating 24 hours before the tan is applied gives a more even coverage and helps the tan to last longer. Waxing and shaving must be carried out at least 24 hours before spray tanning.


Note: Please wear loose, dark clothing and sandals to avoid the tan rubbing off after treatment.

30 Minutes - £30.00

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