Do you have fine lines, creases and wrinkles that you want gone? Have you considered a facial sculpting treatment that could rid you of those fine lines and creases, leaving your skin looking and feeling tone, smooth and young again? If this sounds like you, perhaps a Restylane treatment from Retreat London is right for you. You might be asking, “What is Restylane, and how can the treatment be used to smooth your skin?” Let’s take a closer look:

Restylane is an injected gel that contains an active ingredient called hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance found in the body that helps to fill in skin. A Restylane injection from Retreat London is designed to work like the body’s natural hyaluronic acid and fill in those fine lines and creases to improve the appearance of your skin.

Restylane is Safe and Effective

Restylane is a safe method of smoothing skin and it approved by MHRA here in the UK and the FDA in the US. Restylane injections are developed in sterile labs, thus reducing the risk of infection or other serious side effects making them one of the safest and most tested dermal fillers on the market. Although Restylane is a safe and effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you should still consult your physician before undergoing treatment to ensure that you are not at risk for rare allergic reactions.

How does the Restylane treatment get administered? Retreat London treats our clients in a state of the art spa setting and injects the Restylane clear gel into the skin. It is possible that more than one syringe can be needed but the results of your Restylane treatment should last from six to nine months.

Using Restylane Under the Eyes

Nothing can age you as quickly as having dark circles or deep hollows below your eyes. Not only is this one of the first signs of aging, it can also be quite embarrassing for some. By injecting Restylane into the tissue just below the eyes can rid those unsightly circles leaving beautiful, younger looking eyes.

Using Restylane to Add Facial Volume

Since Restylane is injected into underlying tissue to make it plumper and, once injected, it binds to water molecules naturally, it is very safe and effective. Retreat London uses Restylane to add more facial volume giving their clients that younger, more attractive look they want without undergoing potentially risky surgery.

If you are considering a Restylane treatment, contact Retreat London and speak with one of our professional skin consultants today.

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