The Plasma BT device uses advanced atmospheric pressure plasma technology to deliver a wide range of bespoke skin treatments.

Plasma is an ionised gas with electrical energy which works throughout the surface of the skin to the epidermal layer.


As energy flows deeper within the skin, its intensity and effects change.


    1. Skin surface – kills germs and bacteria by breaking bacterial molecular structure
    2. Epidermis – dramatically increase the skin absorption rate by temporarily breaking the cell adhesion molecules
    3. Dermis – tightens aged skin and stimulates generation of collagen and fibroblasts
plasma bt

The Plasma system offers two distinct functions:

Plasma Surgical™

A needle is used to deliver the plasma very precisely to the area required. This treatment uses a process known as ‘sublimation’ to effectively treat a variety of skin problems as well as triggering collagen renewal. This treatment is ideal for:

  • Scar improvement
  • Broken blood vessels/capillaries/spider veins
  • Removing skin tags, warts etc
Plasma Shower ™

A separate handpiece designed to remove bacteria and aid absorption within the skin, stimulating skin regeneration and boosting collagen for naturally clearer, healthier and firmer skin. This treatment is ideal for:

  • Acne treatment – sterilisation of acne bacteria
  • Skin regeneration – tightening the skin
  • Pigmentation treatment – promoting a clearer complexion, improving skin tone
  • No-needle Mesotherapy for skin or hair (i.e. no injections needed)
  • Wrinkle treatment – non-ablative lifting and regeneration

before and after plasma bt
plasma bt before and after
plasma bt before and after


Some local anaesthetic gel is applied, then the plasma used in the area of concern. There will be some swelling for a few days with the Plasma surgical eyelid treatments, and small brown scabs will form.

Eyelid results can be seen 1-2 weeks after swelling has subsided. Skin tightening takes 3-6 weeks for full collagen induction.

A second Plasma treatment may be needed for optimal results.

Results are long term and comparable to surgical results.

Pricing can be found under ‘Other medi treatments’ on the medi treatment pricing page.

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Plasma BT: Innovative Skin Treatment

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