Ozone sauna

Ozone and steam therapy for a better you

Ozone sauna

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy is a uniquely powerful healing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

It is recommended as a wellness and anti-aging treatment by many experts in this field.

It is considered a systemic form of ozone therapy, with the added benefits of induced hyperthermia and detoxification.

We use a medical grade ozone sauna which is connected to a medical ozone generator and the purified steam infused is thermostatically controlled.


The benefits of ozone steam sauna include:

  • Dramatically increasing oxygenation of the tissues and cells
  • Increases the White Blood Cell count
  • Increase circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery within the body
  • Burns 400-600 calories per session
  • Increase tumor necrosis factor by up to 500 times
  • Aids in detoxification and elimination
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Kills bacteria and viruses, especially good for skin problems
  • Relax and loosen sore muscles
  • Speeds up recovery times from injury and improve exercise tolerance
ozone sauna

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Arnica is a perennial herb of the Compositae family that grows wild in the Alpine meadows.

The active ingredients in Arnica (Flavonoids, triterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones and essential oil), confer anti inflammatory, antimicrobial analgesic properties and stimulate blood circulation. Arnica soothes the skin, reduces swelling, redness and bruising.



The molecule dissolves fat cells and the same time dissolves the fat contained in it. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid which emulsifies and solubilises dietary fats in the intestine, and when injected subcutaneously, it disrupts cell membranes in adipocytes and destroys fat cells in that tissue.


A special formula containing active principles such as Phosphatidyl Choline and Deoxycholic Acid, extremely effective against cellulite, water retention and localised fat.


Localised fat


Slow and weakened micro circulation

Tissue oxygenation


Has excellent lipolytic properties. It is known for its anti-cholesterol and anti-triglyceride properties. It also helps the body eliminate fat and convert it into energy in a completely natural way. As a consequence, the buttocks, hips, arms and abdomen areas become thinner, through a natural substance that is completely safe.

Active in the process of fat emulsion in the body and it facilitates the absorption of fat on behalf of the intestine.

It lowers cholesterol levels and works as a vasodilator (may cause redness and warmth) increasing vascularity and, stimulating the microcirculation system.

Increases fat metabolism and energy production in the cells.

Inhibits inflammation in the tissues and reduces cellulite.


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You will be shown how to sit and made comfortable in a special ozone sauna chamber with one of our therapists. Steam at a controlled temperature suitable for you will be infused along with medical ozone and oxygen gas. The session will last 20-30 minutes. You may shower afterwards if necessary.
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