NeoGen™ EVO Plasma Skin Regeneration

We are the first clinic in SW London to offer plasma skin regeneration using the breakthrough NeoGen™ EVO. This unique device is powered by pioneering technology that is a fantastic alternative to surgery or ablative lasers. Developed by the University of Cardiff,  it’s non-surgical and non-ablative, meaning you don’t need to go under the knife or burn the surface of your skin for incredible results.

It treats a range of skin conditions and imperfections on the face and body, including:

Lines and wrinkles, skin damage caused by acne scars and actinic keratosis, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, skin texture; skin growths caused by seborrheic keratosis, and skin lesions.

 It will stimulate the production of a new epidermis with more collagen and elastin activity from your cells for months afterwards.

What is NeoGen™ Plasma Treatment?

A first of its kind, NeoGen™ EVO is powered by cutting-edge FDA approved nitrogen plasma technology to treat the whole architecture of the skin. Developed by the leading tech manufacturer for medical and cosmetic procedures, Energist – it’s designed to emit heat into the skin in controlled pulses without harming tissue. This stimulates the dermal remodelling and production of collagen and elastin for many months after and unlocks a cascade of anti-ageing benefits! This has been shown through medical research.

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Resurface, regenerate and tighten

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What doctors are saying about NeoGen Plasma

How does NeoGen™ EVO treatment work?

NeoGen™  converts Pure medical grade nitrogen gas into plasma energy to safely treat the skin. Thermal energy is transferred quickly to the tissue at varying depths, depending on your specific requirements. Due to the removal of oxygen at the skin surface there is no charring or ablation which can cause increased downtime.

Multiple low energy treatments: Two to 3 treatments are recommended and each session has a duration of around  30-50 minutes, with a minimum amount of downtime and redness. During treatment, you may feel a slight discomfort but nothing significant. After treatment, many clients report their skin feeling warm and radiating a little heat. 

high-energy treatment: This can produce more results for tightening and lifting and deeper wrinkles targeting the full-face. treatment with a duration of around 1 hour, requiring downtime between 5 and 7 days.

Perfect for skin types between 1 and 3.

How the technology works

The most advanced plasma technology on the market

Neogen Plasma Skin Regeneration London

The product range

Designed specifically for aestheticians, surgeons and dermatologists

The safer alternative to ablative treatments

Over 120,000 NeoGen Plasma treatments have been performed world-wide with no adverse incidents.

Clinical results

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Clinical insights

Plasma treatment insights

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Neogen FAQs

After redness and peeling are complete 3-7 days after the treatment, but collagen is stimulated for months afterwards also.

Long lasting results due to improving the architecture of the skin.

 Pricing can be found under ‘Other medi treatments’ on the medi treatment pricing page.

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