Profhilo bioremodelling

Chemical free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid

Profhilo (TM)

Profhilo is the first chemical free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid available for treating skin laxity.

We were one of the first clinics in the UK to offer this exciting new 100% pure Hyaloronic acid product with no additives, and very high safety record.


With one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid on the market (64mg/2ml) it is not only boosting and hydrating for the skin, but also remodels aging and sagging tissue. Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetic treatments we offer.

Profhilo’s slow release of HA molecules engages with the body’s skin receptors to cause collagen stimulation. It causes higher activation collagen than normal HA.

Treatment is done twice, 1 month apart, small injections on the desired area.

It ‘jump-starts’ the body’s own rejuvenation process, resulting in remarkably improved hydration, texture and elasticity, with a “natural look”. A great product for those wishing to avoid any additives or artificial chemicals!

Areas Treated: Full face. Also suitable for neck or hand rejuvenation.


Sunekos® 200 is a unique treatment that promotes dermal Regeneration using Hyaluronic and Amino acids

Sunekos® 200 is an injectable treatment that promotes youthful, natural features through ECM homeostasis, improving facial volume loss, reducing wrinkles and hydrating the skin. The patent-protected formula contains hyaluronic acid and a combination of amino acids, precursors of collagen and elastin. This combination helps to stimulate collgen/elastin.  Suitable for under eye dark circle improvement also. 

Sunekos®  1200 is available for severe wrinkles and damaged skin.

A series of  3-4 treatments is advised

Profhilo Bioremodelling
Profhilo Bioremodelling
profhilo before and after
profhilo before and after

What doctors are saying about NeoGen Plasma



Arnica is a perennial herb of the Compositae family that grows wild in the Alpine meadows.

The active ingredients in Arnica (Flavonoids, triterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones and essential oil), confer anti inflammatory, antimicrobial analgesic properties and stimulate blood circulation. Arnica soothes the skin, reduces swelling, redness and bruising.



The molecule dissolves fat cells and the same time dissolves the fat contained in it. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid which emulsifies and solubilises dietary fats in the intestine, and when injected subcutaneously, it disrupts cell membranes in adipocytes and destroys fat cells in that tissue.


A special formula containing active principles such as Phosphatidyl Choline and Deoxycholic Acid, extremely effective against cellulite, water retention and localised fat.


Localised fat


Slow and weakened micro circulation

Tissue oxygenation


Has excellent lipolytic properties. It is known for its anti-cholesterol and anti-triglyceride properties. It also helps the body eliminate fat and convert it into energy in a completely natural way. As a consequence, the buttocks, hips, arms and abdomen areas become thinner, through a natural substance that is completely safe.

Active in the process of fat emulsion in the body and it facilitates the absorption of fat on behalf of the intestine.

It lowers cholesterol levels and works as a vasodilator (may cause redness and warmth) increasing vascularity and, stimulating the microcirculation system.

Increases fat metabolism and energy production in the cells.

Inhibits inflammation in the tissues and reduces cellulite.


How the technology works

The most advanced plasma technology on the market

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The product range

Designed specifically for aestheticians, surgeons and dermatologists

The safer alternative to ablative treatments

Over 120,000 NeoGen Plasma treatments have been performed world-wide with no adverse incidents.

Clinical results

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Clinical insights

Plasma treatment insights

Read the latest clinical thinking, analysis and research about plasma technology.


No anaesthetic usually needed, 5 small injections just under the skin on each side.
The effects take place within 1-2 weeks and will last typically for 6-9 months.
Pricing can be found under ‘Dermal fillers’ on the medi treatment pricing page
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