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Looking and feeling healthier is something that is one everyone’s mind. Many of us have something about our bodies that we would change and modern medicine has made it possible to do just that. In most cases, that change makes us feel good emotionally and that can lead to us feeling good physically as well. If we feel good about the way we look, we will feel good all over. But what is it like to truly feel good on the inside? To feel healthier and more youthful? Sure, we could go to the gym, workout every day and get that feeling, but it still isn’t an all over feeling that goes deep down to the cellular level.

What if there was a treatment that did work on the cellular level and that could make you feel like a new person? Would you try it?

Ozone therapy is that treatment and Re:treat Medispa is the UK leader in Ozone Therapy treatments. In fact, ozone therapy has been practiced for more than 50 years in Germany with great success and it is beginning to be used all over the world.

What is Ozone Therapy?

As with any treatment, it is good to understand what it is and what the risks and benefits are. Ozone therapy is a completely safe and unobtrusive treatment that offers many positive effects on the body. Ozone therapy is typically applied in via the blood, but it can also be applied rectally or via a special ozone sauna. Re:treat Medispa offers all of these therapies and will consult with you as to which one is right for your specific needs.

From anti-aging and a stronger immune system, to more energy, faster healing and more, ozone therapy can make a difference that you can actually feel.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of ozone therapy:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Increased Oxygenation Of Cells
  • Boosts And Modulates Your Immune System
  • Increases Energy
  • Helps Relieve Arthritis/ Inflammation
  • Increases The Activity Of The Anti-Oxidant Enzyme System
  • Stimulates And Accelerates The Healing Process

Expert Treatment at Re:treat Medispa

Re:treat Medispa is one of only a few locations in the UK that offer professional ozone therapy treatments. Dr. Eddin is a member of the German Medical society for the use of Ozone in prevention and therapy and he is a medical trainer for Vida Aesthetics UK. He also teaches many UK health professionals about the application of ozone therapy and its benefits.

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