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Voluptuous lips are associated with many of the history’s most renowned beauties, from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, but few of us are born with lips to rival Angelina Jolie’s.

Yet both men and women are attracted to people with beautifully shaped, bee-stung lips, so it’s hardly surprising that the popularity of lip fillers has soared over the past few decades.

Instant results producing long-term effects.

If you’re considering having lip fillers in Putney, Re:Treat London can offer dermal fillers to enhance your lips. We can also offer the use of ultrapure Hyaloronic acid gels, which are an extremely safe way to augment your lips.

Perfect for lip definition and volume, dermal fillers are also used for cheeks or placed into folds on the face. They are one of the most popular types of lip fillers because they work quickly but also last for a long time.

Treatment only takes from 20-30 minutes and produces immediate results which last from 6-12 months. Our expert will always ensure your lips are harmonised with the rest of your face. Dermal fillers can also treat sagging skin at the sides of the mouth.

Find out more about our lip fillers in Putney. Visit Re:treat London or simply get in touch today on (+44) 020 8788 5619.