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Are you one of the 80-95% of women that suffer from cellulite and would like to get rid of it in 2020?

If you’re based in London, Re:Treat London offer exceptionally effective Ozone Therapy which is ideal for targeting this common problem.

While it might sound like a new age technique, it is a scientifically based procedure which has been used in Germany and Italy for many decades now.

This type of therapy has an exceptionally good track record when it comes to safety, and usually takes anything from 3-15 sessions to be effective

How does it work?

Ozone therapy is ideal for removing thread veins and cellulite and is a completely safe and natural procedure which works by breaking down fat cells, intensifying lymph drainage, restoring microcirculation. You can find out more about how Ozone Therapy works on our website.

As with all our treatments and types of therapy, Doctor Shadi will take time to listen closely to all your questions before beginning treatment.

If you’re considering having ozone therapy, why not pay a visit to Re:treat London today?

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